Night Crew

A web series co-written and starring yours truly. Official selection for New York Television Festival 2017, winner of the Comedy Central Development Award.


Kombucha Catch-Up

A web series created by Stefanie Flamm and Kelly Webb, wherein I play one of the only male leads (and a real jerk).


When Your Coworker Wants To Tell You About Their Dream

Made by GEIL. Co-wrote and co-directed this one. Originally produced for Quickie Fest and ended up on the front page of FunnyOrDie.


My Boys Are So Messy!

Another one made by GEIL. You guessed it, co-wrote and co-directed this one as well.


Everything You Know Is A Lie

Wrote this one all by myself!


Growing Down

Season 2, Episode 9: Wherein I play a douchebag manchild professing his love for an old flame.


Get To The Date

This is a fun "interactive" film where you get to choose what happens next!



This sketch is exactly what you think it is. This is what I look like in low budget prosthetics.