I don't write nearly as much as I perform, and most of the scripts I write I end up performing in myself.

Nevertheless, here are a few writing samples.



Yes, I too can write for a millennial audience.

Loser Squad (Pilot)

Way back in 2014, I wrote my first pilot script. It's still available for download/review on Amazon Studios.



A Commercial for Floral Essentials Shampoo, Based on the Bestselling Dystopian YA Novel, a short form humor piece written for Splitsider.com


The Billfold

A Modest Proposal for Wealthy Foreign Real Estate Investors, a satirical* piece written for TheBillfold.com

*satirical, unless you can actually make an offer, in which case I am very, very serious


The Spark

Goodnight Insecurities, a silly poem I wrote for a website that no longer publishes anything.